Are you struggling with reading section on TOEFL, IELTS or any other reading comprehension tests? This article will help you facing that problem.

Are you struggling with reading section on TOEFL, IELTS or any other reading comprehension tests? You feel the passages are too long, the subjects are boring, the words are unfamiliar, you don’t have any idea what they are discussing about, and you simply don’t like reading. If you answer ‘yes’ then good news for you because there is still hope to tackle this problem, but bad news because the only way is by starting your reading habit and it takes time and effort.

Don’t stop reading here. You’ll thank us later.

Reading is an essential skill in life. Imagine you can’t read well to understand the instruction on a medicine bottle. Scary? Yes. Without understanding, whenever you read anything, you only pronounce the words and get nothing from it. Apart from that, as a saying always suggests, reading opens a window to the other worlds. That saying never gets old.  By reading (and understanding), you absorb new information, explore new ideas and from what you read you can get inspired and develop your imagination and creativity. It can be entertaining too. Once you are engaged in a book you love, you’ll find reading is so fun and stress relieving.

In language learning, reading in the target language helps you to enrich your vocabulary, to understand how grammar rules applied in sentences, to remember the spelling of words and overall it will make you familiar with the nature of the target language. Therefore, reading comprehension becomes one important aspect to decide someone’s language mastery. Not only your vocabulary richness is assessed, but your analytical skill is also challenged in the test. It may sound nightmarish but don’t sweat on it.

It’s time to start the habit. Choose something that interests you. The more you read, the more you discover new interesting subjects. No one knows you might be into political science, interreligious discussion, or oriental cuisine. Set a target but don’t push yourself too hard. Start small like 5 pages or 5 minutes you read per day, and accomplish it. Then repeat it until you feel it as a need.

So what’s next? Now you may be questioning, whether the reading habit you are building guarantees you to pass a reading test in flying colors. It of course plays an important role in tackling the test. In fact, reading comprehension tests can be so tricky. It is not easy sometimes for people who have mastered the language too.  But there’s no need to worry because plenty of tips and tricks can be learned. All you need is willingness and persistence.

Here are some tips from us:
•    Challenge yourself to read more in the language you are learning.
•    Broaden the topics by reading both academic and non-academic passages.
•    Practice the test to develop your exam techniques.
•    If necessary, taking a course may help you with more practical learning.
If you consider the last point, never hesitate to contact us for details.

Written by:

Dhanny Permanasari

(English Instructor)


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