Media bagi para member Jogja English dan English Home untuk melatih kemampuan berbicara mereka melalui tulisan, tentunya dalam bahasa Inggris. Dengan menulis, para member mengikat ilmu yang sudah mereka pelajari dan menuliskan nama mereka dalam sejarah.

Online-dating. Yes/No?

There are many ways to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. Some people prefer to find their partner in the real social-life such as their schoolmates, colleagues, or friends of friends. However, some people find it difficult, therefore they ask a dating agency to help them.

Hero of the Heroes

A hero is a person who is admired for having done something very brave or have achieved something great. For example, Indonesians call Sukarno a hero because he fought for Indonesia’s independence over the Dutch. Nowadays, the definition of what makes a hero is becoming broader. It does not have to be someone who fight for others in a war. A hero is someone who helps others.

The analyzes of Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short)

The Woman who plays as a leading female actor, She told "Today I Found The Truth'' means that the woman changes her mind and gets the mask on. Actually, beforehand, She is not like that. Students in movie look serious at what they are doing; learning in the class and interacting among students and teacher, and student and student. Every student is covered by the mask, only teacher is not.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

In my opinion, my favourite movie is Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The movie is about a team who want to fail a nuclear attack. The story begins when one of Ethan friends name agent Hanaway is killed by a woman namely Moreau.

Who Am I : No System Is Safe

This movie is about cyber world you could say cyber thriller. A bunch of youngsters try to be famous in cyber world. They name themselves as CLAY “Clown Laughing At You” with their unique costumes by using a clown mask. This act is getting dangerous and they become enemy of the state in cyber world.

Simply I Love Indonesia

I love Indonesia, because it has natural wealth. Most foreigners visit Indonesia because of the natural wealth. They are sometimes interested in knowing the culture. I live in central java, one of Indonesia provinces. Exactly, I live in Jogjakarta city. Tourism is a major destination for Jogjakarta.

My Dream Country; South Korea

South Korea is a modern country and leading Asia with its uniqueness and preeminence, they always keep their own cultures and their Korean spirit through their generation alive; not only the old generation, but also the young generation.

Indonesia, the country I Love

This country has a lot great potentials; plenteous lands which grow delicious foods and tasteful spices, sunshine, and tropical rain a whole year, great sea which provides millions fish, and amazing landscapes lay from mountain to sea as marvelous destination.