Media bagi para member Jogja English dan English Home untuk melatih kemampuan berbicara mereka melalui tulisan, tentunya dalam bahasa Inggris. Dengan menulis, para member mengikat ilmu yang sudah mereka pelajari dan menuliskan nama mereka dalam sejarah.

Österreich is always in my deep heart

Nowadays, many people have at least a plan to visit some countries and one of countries that I would love to visit is Österreich, the name spelled in Deutsch, or Austria, the country name in English version. Most people are interested to go to Austria because its rich cultural past and present, It is cherished by people worldwide.

Sorong City

Sorong city is a beautiful city in North-West Papua island. People called it with oil city designation. From the history, the name of Sorong is derived from Soren which means “huge wave and deep sea”.

Curious On Furious 7

I watched Fast & Furious 7 at the first day of premiere. It was not necessary nor urgent. However, for movie lover like me, watching highly anticipated movie on the premiere day has always been "something".

Soren Kierkegaard

Soren Kierkegaard is the name of a philosopher and theologian in 19th century. He was famous with his Existensialism Philosophy, that everyone should be the way they are. He believes that if someone follows another person or tries to be like another person, it means they are like “a thing” because they ignore their real way of thinking or mindset.

Female Home is Like Magic

‘Female home’ is one of Jogja English programs for learning English and fits very well for students or workers who don’t have enough time for learning English. It is also suitable for people not living in Yogyakarta and for those who don’t have time to attend the course. You can learn English for all time you stay here.

Indrayanti, The Beautiful Beach

Indrayanti beach is one of beautiful beaches located in Wonosari, Gunung Kidul. When I visited this beach, I sensed the natural atmosphere when I breathed the fresh air. You will feel kind of liberty when you hear the sound of wave and watch the beautiful scenery.

Keep Our Kidneys Healthy

Our kidneys aren’t very big, each is about the size of our fist, but they do important work. They keep us healthy by maintaining balance of water and other substances inside our body and then excrete the rest as urine.