Media bagi para member Jogja English dan English Home untuk melatih kemampuan berbicara mereka melalui tulisan, tentunya dalam bahasa Inggris. Dengan menulis, para member mengikat ilmu yang sudah mereka pelajari dan menuliskan nama mereka dalam sejarah.

Indrayanti, The Beautiful Beach

Indrayanti beach is one of beautiful beaches located in Wonosari, Gunung Kidul. When I visited this beach, I sensed the natural atmosphere when I breathed the fresh air. You will feel kind of liberty when you hear the sound of wave and watch the beautiful scenery.

Keep Our Kidneys Healthy

Our kidneys aren’t very big, each is about the size of our fist, but they do important work. They keep us healthy by maintaining balance of water and other substances inside our body and then excrete the rest as urine.

My Day

I got up at 11.00 am. I hurried up to take bath. I watched TV after that. I remembered, last time, I watched a movie entitled Alexander.

Having a Holiday at Nglinggo Tea Plantation

I grow up in a village which is closed to the tea plantation and I can go there almost every day. However, there was something different here since it was held by Jogja English and it was kind of Jogja English Family holiday. I took it then and the thought that having a holiday at Nglinggo Tea Plantation was going to be an ordinary journey was wrong.

Death Penalty for Corruptors in Indonesia

Corruption, is a high level crime in this country because the corruptors steal the national money which in fact aims at developing our country. Mostly, the total amount of money being corrupted can be millions until billions, from which our government can build a better school, hospital, and the other public services.

Get Closer With Mr Baron

The first word that might come to your brain when you hear this man speaking might be: British. It comes from the way he speaks which reminds us on the posh London area somehow.