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The Founding Father of The Electricity

Have you ever imagined the world without electricity? There will be no light when night comes, no telecommunication device to talk with people, no transportation to move from one point to another, and no TV to entertain us. So, do you know who is the first man who found the electricity?

The History of Currency

In life, people requires so many needs, such as foods, clothes, and houses. It is quite imposible for someone to fulfill his needs by his own efforts. To fulfill their needs, sometimes people need other people to work for producing them. Thus, currency will help us to exchange any kind of our needs

Natural Disaster

In 2013-2014, Indonesia got so many natural disasters. Starting from flood in Jakarta and in a lot of areas in Central Java, Sinabung eruption, Kebumen earthquake, and now Kelud eruption. That condition aggravated Indonesia that had so many problems like political issues, corruption, the death of animal in the zoo, and a lot of criminality issues. However, natural disaster can’t be avoided by us.

Girls’ Power

Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Indonesia's Finance minister, in fact, is being abused by many people because considered to be responsible for Century Bank bailouts which cost the state and thousands of bank customers.