Media bagi para member Jogja English dan English Home untuk melatih kemampuan berbicara mereka melalui tulisan, tentunya dalam bahasa Inggris. Dengan menulis, para member mengikat ilmu yang sudah mereka pelajari dan menuliskan nama mereka dalam sejarah.

Hanan Waskitha

My name is Hanan. I come from Depok, Sleman,Yogyakarta. I am about twenty something. My hobby is playing game and making origami. I like listening to campursari and dangdut songs so much, because they are the original music of our country.

How Deep is Your Love?

February, love is everywhere. As usual, Jogja English held English Performance Show (EPS) to celebrate the joy of love on Monday, February 16th 2015 at 18.30 p.m. The theme of the EPS was “How Deep Is Your Love?' with Musical drama competition as the main event of the EPS and writing a love letter as the pre-event of the EPS.

Get Closer With Mr Fachry

Fashionable, firm, and moody are probably the perfect adjectives to describe him. The person who is awarded as the instructor of the month. Working in Jogja English for more than 5 years, his English is brilliant although he actually did not take English as his university major.

The Cheerful Desy

Talkative probably the very strong impression at the first time you meet this girl. Yet, just like what stated in The Rise of Guardian, the talkative side is the first layer of hers.

The Founding Father of The Electricity

Have you ever imagined the world without electricity? There will be no light when night comes, no telecommunication device to talk with people, no transportation to move from one point to another, and no TV to entertain us. So, do you know who is the first man who found the electricity?

The History of Currency

In life, people requires so many needs, such as foods, clothes, and houses. It is quite imposible for someone to fulfill his needs by his own efforts. To fulfill their needs, sometimes people need other people to work for producing them. Thus, currency will help us to exchange any kind of our needs