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Reny and the Old Tree

Once upon a time, in the Gaje Village there was a poor girl named Rein Rein Reny. She lived with her stepmother and her stepsister. Her stepmother named is Riana and her stepsister named is Audrey. They were very cruel and always treated Reny so bad after Reny’s father passed away. They were also greedy, they drove Reny from Reny’s house because they wanted to take Reny’s father threasure and all property that Reny’s father had. Finally poor Reny left her own house. She confused where she would live. Then she decided to build a cottage on the edge of river.

One day she went to forest to find some firewoods and some fruits. She felt so tired, she decided to rest under a big old tree. When she tried to take a nap, suddenly she heard a mysterious voice. The mysterious voice asked for help. Reny tried to find the mysterious voice, but she didn’t find anyone. The mysterious voice kept to ask for help. Reny was surprised when the old tree, where she sat and leaned had a mouth and eyes. She realized that the mysterious voice came from the old tree. The old tree asked Reny to withdraw an arrow from his branch. Reny was scared but felt pity also. Then Reny helped him. The old tree was happy and grateful for Reny’s kindness. The old tree wanted to give a gift to Reny. He asked Reny to open the empty sack that brought by Reny. And the the old tree filled the empty sack with a lot of gold coins that coming out from his mouth. Reny was surprised with what she saw. The old tree then asked Reny, if Reny wanted to take more gold coins again. But Reny was not a greedy girl. She said that the gift was enough. She did not want it anymore. Reny promised, she would use gold coins well and always helps everyone who needs her help. Reny felt happy and thankful to God and also the old tree. Then Reny asked permission to go back to her cottage.

A few months later, Reny became the richest girl in village. She still was good girl. She had some farms and plantations. Reny’s stepmother, Riana and Reny’s stepsister, Audrey became very angry and envy about Reny. They wanted to know, where Reny got a lot of money. Then they did a sneaky way. They pretended to be a good person and also pretended to apologize to Reny. Reny eventually forgive them. Riana used Reny’s goodness, she asked where Reny got a lot of money. Innocent Reny finally told about the old tree in the middle of forest. Tomorrow Riana and Audrey went to the forest to find the old tree that Reny told. Finally they found the old tree. Riana and Audrey shouted and asked the old tree to give gold coins. But the old tree remained silent. They kept trying to shout and hit the old tree. But it still didn’t work. Then Audrey threatened the old tree, if the old tree did not give gold coins, she would cut down the old tree. The old tree was scared. He opened his mouth and began to fill the empty sack with a lot of gold coins. Riana and Audrey became greedier. They kept asking the old tree to fill their sacks with a lot of gold coins for them. Until finally the old tree couldn’t give gold coins anymore. Riana did not believe in, she accused the old tree trying to cheat her. The greedier Riana became, she decided to get into the old tree’s mouth to make sure about it. Audrey became greedy also, she followed her mother to get into the old tree’s mouth. Then the old tree’s mouth closed. Because of their greed, they end stuck in the old tree forever. Finally they got what they deserved and Reny could live happily ever after.

 Story by Mothya

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