Berikut merupakan narrative story yang ditulis oleh satu member Jogja English di Active Class. Enjoy....

Woman in a Black Veil

Somewhere, in a village at Timika Papua, there lived a woman who always wore a black veil to cover her face. She lived only with her grandmother and she lived far away from the crowded, deep in the woods. She has strange habit. She always stood on the peak of the hill every single day. Her name was Motia.

Motia has no friends. No one was willing to be her friends or to be near her. People believed that everyone whose saw her eyes would experience bad luck for a lifetime. So, they looked away or pretended not see her when she passed by because they were afraid with the curse. As if Motia was never existed.

Then there was a man from the town. His name was Josh. He was a wild nature photographer and was looking for some place that still unspoiled. He stayed in the village where Motia at. He was a man who never wasted his time to something that he didn’t know. So he started to explore the place where he could take the best of wild nature photographs.

When he took the photos, he saw a woman at the peak of the hill wore a black veil. At first, he didn’t care at all. The next day, he also saw the same scene there. And so on for a week he saw the same. He started to wonder about her. Then he built his courage to ask the woman. But the woman just stayed silent and cast down one’s eyes. Then she ran away. He confused but became more curious.

So he asked the people at the village about the woman. And they told him about the curse and forbid him to talk about her or tried to talk to her ever again. They also told him to not go way too deep in the woods because of wild animals and the forest itself, the woman in a black veil lived there.  He unsure about the story but decided to follow the villager’s advice.

One day, Josh spent too much time and be in the woods way too deep to shoot photos of nocturnal animals. It was almost midnight. He couldn’t find a way to go back to the village. Suddenly he remembered the villager’s story about the woods. Then he heard a howl and saw a pack of wolves. He tried to run away but the wolves got him. Then he passed out.

The next morning, he surprised to find himself in the house and his wounds were bandaged. It was so quite. He saw a woman in a black veil there. Then he realized he was in the woman’s house. He screamed. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Motia startled. Then he ran away with bare feet to the village. 

The villagers took care of him then. Josh told the villagers what happened in the woods and how he met the woman. The villagers then in shocked and told him to find a Shaman to chased away bad luck from Motia right away. As the time went by, he began to wonder himself why he afraid of her. After his wounds healed, he decided to go to meet the woman. He said to Motia that he was grateful she saved his life that night. Motia asked Josh if he was afraid to Motia or not. Josh saw something different in Motia’s. He thought that she was different from what the villagers said.  

Then Josh knew the real story of Motia. Motia wore the black veil because it was her mother gift right before her mother died. She also could see the dead and knew bad things that would happened in the future. Sometimes she warned the villagers about bad things that will happen, but the villagers misunderstood and thought that she brought bad luck to them, so she and her grandmother out casted from the village. She has no friends. So she always went to the peak of the hill to see the village, recalled memories of her mother.

Josh told the story to the villagers. The curse was not true. At first, they didn’t believe it. But Motia proved it with her kindness and the ability to see the future. Little by little the villagers started to believe her. They felt sorry for her. And finally she and her grandmother were accepted again in the village. As the time went by, Josh and Motia became closer. They became a lover. Soon, they were married and lived happily ever after.






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