For me, one of the ways to get happiness is by doing activities that are enjoyable. Moreover if we spend the time together with our friends, so we can share laughs, joy, and togetherness while doing the activities.

What is the definition of happy?  What makes you happy?

It is written in the dictionary that happy is a feeling of joy, pleasure, or good fortune.  For me, one of the ways to get happiness is by doing activities that are enjoyable. Moreover if we spend the time together with our friends, so we can share laughs, joy, and togetherness while doing the activities.

In the middle of March, Jogja English (JE) held a monthly routine activity which is gathering with all JE members and instructors, it is called English Performance Show (EPS). At that time the EPS theme was “Let’s Laugh, Let’s be Happy” because we celebrated Happiness Day. Usually each EPS has pre-event and main event. For pre event, we had writing funny story/annecdote competition and also #lolz photo competition that we should upload a funny photo on JE social media. Many members and instructors took part in this competition. They sent funny photos, some of the pictures made me laugh.

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, we gathered in front of JE office in the morning and then went together to Barong Temple to do the main event of EPS. Barong Temple is located in Kalasan. We did outbound activities there. For outbound, we are grouped with different members from many classes in JE. Previously I was not familiar with some of the members in my group, but because of that event, now we have known each other. Each group should create a name and yel-yel, the name of my group was JERONG, stands for Jogja English in Barong. Quite funny, right? The name was choosen by Taufik, the leader of our group, haha... :D

For the outbound we had many games, the first game was blindfolded makeup. One of the group members was being “the victim” because the other group members had to put make-up on his/her face without seeing the face (blinfolded). There was one member also to direct the blindfolded member to do makeup. The result was really funny, the face of the victims were messy. We could not stop laughing at that time. When the committee announced the result, my group won that competition. For your information, I was one of the victims. :D

On the second game, we should write three words (happy, smile, and love) on a big paper using a boardmarker which was tied with some ropes. We then should write that words together without holding the boardmarker. It was really hard for my group, other group became the winner.


On the third game, we had to collect some stuffs taken from Barong Temple area that related to the clues that Ms. Nafie gave us. For example, we had to find metal stuff, something edible, beautiful stuff, etc.  All of us were busy to find the stuff, I saw others group did it well and faster than us, however we made it in the end. After all, Ms. Nafie gave score based on the stuff and reason why we chose it, we should give strong argument for that, some of our arguments were weird but we delivered the reason well. Anyway, my group did not win that competition, however all of the members did good teamwork.

Mr. Danu led the fourth game after we took a break and ate some snacks. The game was keeping the balloon filled with water not to fall or burst. The other group could attack other groups’ balloon. As we expected, they were really crazy attacking each other. It was crazy and funny, lots of laugh there. It reminded me to Songkran Festival in Thailand.

The last game for outbound was playing scrabble with Mr. Baron. First, he gave us question and we had to answer it, the fastest group that answer it correctly got an opportunity to arrange the word on the scrabble board. Yeah, honestly our group were not the fastest one, but when we arranged the word, we arranged longer word than the others. We fought fiercely. Lucky us because the score was based on how many letters we have answered. Once again, we made it and become the winner. Yay!!!

The sun was right above us. It meant we were in the middle of day. Then all of the members of JE family gathered and the committee started to announce some awards. Here is the list of the awards:

AP+ Member of the month: Stakis

English Home member of the month: Dicky

#Lolz photo competition: Me (Wisnu) and Redi

Instructor of the month: Ms. Dhanny

The best group for EPS : JERONG

What a day! I won #lolz photo competition and my group also became the best group for this EPS event. Congratulations also for Ms. Dhanny as instructor of the month. She was my instructor for speaking class in Active class (March 2016 Period).

Good location, good weather, beautiful vibes, and awesome people gathered at Barong Temple. JE made my weekend incredible that is why I really like this English Course.  Thanks to all staffs for your effort to made this event. In here I met new friends, did memorable activities, and visited temple I have never known before (even though I am from Jogja). Thanks for all JE members for sharing the joy and happiness! Like the theme, this EPS brought us to HAPPINESS!

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