Artikel ini ditulis oleh salah satu member Jogja English bernama Ika Wahyu Noor Affifah (Iffah) yang menceritakan pengalamannya mengikuti kegiatan English Performance Show (EPS) Happy (B) Earth Day. Enjoy...


That day was my first time I joined English Performance Show (EPS) as a new member. I did not imagine about what kind of activity there. At first, I just wanted to attend the activity and enjoy it. We rode motorcycle so far away, and I was starting to find the enjoyment. Wuhuuw...Merapi..Merapi.. Merapi! It was written everywhere on the right and left of the way. I like the weather, it was so fresh. We just rode by until we arrived in the destination. First, I did not know what kind of place is it, I just knew the name was Kalikuning. Oh, actually there were many kids in the hall also.

Ok. I think the EPS is so valuable, not only for the member but also for the society. We shared happiness and whatever we can share. I loved the smile from the children when we were playing together, it was so honest. Then for the member, we can learn how to get happiness by sharing it. Also we can be closer to each other member. If at first I only knew their name, then I knew their character also. We can get acquainted with many members from other classes. Actually we enjoyed it. I think out bond is so important to make each other getting closer and knowing each other character. And also of course it was done through very fun activity. I love it. (No...  Don’t say that it is “peres” one, I’m serious with that ^_^)

Actually, I enjoyed every games in the out bond activity. I think all members enjoyed the games too. Not only the games, but also the place. We played outdoor game. I think it was in slope of Merapi Mountain. Although we often get fun game in every last minute in the class, I think sometimes we need to enjoy our live while studying English too, and we get it from JE. Haha.. Because of it, we never get bored.

The event was closed with some announcements. First, they announced the champion of the out bond games. My team failed. :D The second one, they announced the winner of Jogja English birthday wishes video. My class joined the competition. We made some videos and we failed. :( KUBIS team is the winner. Oh.. I never lucky about that.. wkkwkw. Than the last one, they announced about the Instructor and the member of the month. I was trying not to care, I am afraid that I will get disappointed again >_<. But, oh my God.. It was my name mentioned as a member of the month! Thanks All..

Ok, it is not about me or about the other winners. It is about the appreciation that I never got before. I think appreciation like that can make us to be a better member or better instructor than before. It is a nice way to get better quality of all. Not only the instructor, but also the member. Before studying English in Jogja English I rarely use my English but after joining Jogja English I realize that if we want to learn language we have to make it as a habit. And, I found “the habit” in Jogja English. Thank you JE, we love you.



Written by,

Ika Wahyu Noor Affifah

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