Berikut merupakan sebuah artikel berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh seorang member Active Class periode Februari 2018, Varian Sayoga. Practice makes perferct!


English Performance Show (EPS) was held on Thursday, February 22 at Jogja English. EPS was an event for us to learn English with fun activity. The theme for this month was Love Story. We told about our love story in our life for the main event. There were also many activities like trivia quiz, movie quiz, and music quiz.  It was really fun, all of members and instructors looked very enjoy following the event.

I told a story about my girlfriend. I was very nervous but I was very confident because I have learned a lot of material at Jogja English. Everyone appreciates my story. I was happy because this event I have become braver to speak English in front of public.


At the end of the event, the MC announced to everyone who won the story telling, trivia quiz, music quiz, movie quiz, pre-event, member of the month, and instructor of the month. I won the pre–event quiz, beside of that I was chosen as the member of the month. Miss Djihad was chosen as instructor of the month!

I have no doubt that EPS was very great event. It makes instructor and all of the members get closer than before. And in the other hand, EPS would make  members to speak English in front of public more confident. The main point of the EPS I think is not about a reward, but it is about the way you change to be better person with a great activity.

 And for the last I wanna say thank you for Jogja English, for all instructors who teach the members with very interactive and make learning English very fun and interesting. I hope this event will take place every month, and KEEP YOUR ENGLISH ALIVE! 


Written by,

Varian Sayoga

Active Class, Feb 2018





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