Berikut merupakan sebuah artikel berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh seorang member Active Class periode Januari 2018, Iftitah Widowaty (Titah). Keep your English alive!

It was Thursday, January 26 when EPS was held at Jogja English. We had Miss Pita and Miss Jihad who was in charge of MC. The first stage was opened with games, kind of whisper challenge. And it was continued with a performance by Auto Global class and Active class. It was a stage about story telling by the member of JE. My class or Active class performed a story about "A Little Match Girl". After that, we had another games. Overall, the event was really fun. Seeing smile at their faces was the best part of this event. We united as a team and family.

At the end of EPS, the MC informed the winner of the performance competition, member of the month, and instructor of the month. Our class was the winner and I was chosen as the member of the month, and then my instructor, Miss Mitra for active class was also chosen as instructor of the month!
Thank you JE for giving me this award and I was really touched. It was the best experience to do something like this. See you on top!


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Iftitah Widowaty


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