Berikut merupakan sebuah artikel berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh seorang member Global Class periode Oktober 2017, Aditya Aries F. Practice makes perferct!

On November 17, 2017 at Nostalgila Café was held an event with the title was EPS (English Performance Show) and the theme was superhero. This event was attended by instructors and members from Jogja English. This event was held every month, with the aim to make members and instructors get closer.

In this event there were 5 series of activity, 3 games activity and 2 presentation activities. In game activity, we were playing games that related to superhero and one of the games was quiz game about Indonesia’s 

superhero. In those games, we were divided into 5 teams and the member from each team was divided randomly. So we did not know the other member.  In each of game, there was a winner and the winner was given a gift. In presentation activity, there were a presentation about artwork had been made by every class in Jogja English before the EPS event was held. The theme for the artwork was about teacher and every artwork contained phrases, speech, and feelings about teacher.

At the end of the event, the winner from the game activity and presentation were announced by the committee and the winner received the prize. Not only the winner was announced but the best member and instructor was announced too and received the prize. In my opinion, the EPS event was a great event for member and instructor because that event could make members and instructor closer. There were a lack from the event too that was the enthusiastic from the members, but overall this event was fun, exciting and great event.


Written by,

Aditya Aries F.

(Global Class Member, November 2017 Period)

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