Jogja English Course and Community memiliki kegiatan komunitas yang dilakukan sebulan sekali bernama English Performance Show (EPS). Kegiatan yang dilakukan antara lain art performance, drama competition, short movie competition, English camp, outbond, Halloween party, dll.

CROSS CULTURAL NIGHT, Understanding the difference

Understanding is a word which is a little bit hard to explain. Because it’s general, includes everything, and not all of people can implant it in their hearts. Understanding each other is one of the best way to get peace, erase the war, destroy the discrimination, save the world, and create a big smile.

Let’s Make Peace through Compassion

Members had to make a citizen journalism video and poster, and present it in the peace night. Hosted by MC Yudha and Novi, the agenda was starred by Chrystal from China. She shared the meaning and picture of peace in China. The winner of citizen journalism was Auto Global class, who presented a video they made by interviewing many Indonesian and foreigners about the meaning of peace to them.

Hunting Foreigner at Borobudur Temple

There we must looking for the foreigner and practice our English. And who get many foreign to be winner because we complete with the other. And we hope that we will be the winner to get many foreigner than the other.

Class Decoration Competition, A week of Art Contests

Bulan Februari tahun 2013 ini, kampus Jogja English (Jogja English Building) terlihat lebih “penuh warna” dengan balutan karya seni dan kreativitas para member. Selama 1 minggu, member AP+ (Autonomous Program Plus) diberi kesempatan untuk mendekorasi ruang kelas mereka sendiri. Berhubung tema yang diusung adalah ‘art’, maka dekorasi ruang kelasnya pun harus seartistik mungkin

Green Life Style, Talk Show and Campaign

In commemorating the Earth Day, Jogja English, made a green agenda in Jogja English building last April 2013. Each class made a green poster and did a green campaign. English Home members also joined the activity. Each of the English Home members also made a poster and presented that poster as a green campaign.

Treasure Hunt at Vredeburg Fort and Museum

Going out and showing off our English? Yeah, we’re totally ready for it! We went to Vredeburg Fort and Museum last June 2013. All yellow warriors at that time went there together and explored the venue.

Enjoying Fasting through Sharing at PKBI DIY

Semangat komunitas adalah semangat kebersamaan dan berbagi. Pada bulan Ramadhan (Juli 2013), JE "Course and Community" menggelar acara berbagi dengan teman-teman komunitas anak jalanan di PKBI DIY.

Out-Bound in Pentingsari, Cangkringan

August is a month of independence in Indonesia. To celebrate it, we went for an out-bound. We picked Pentingsari, Cangkringan as our venue to have the out-bound. We all went there by motorbike. We enjoyed the trip and the road to go there, even though some were left and got lost.

Drizzling Words Competition #2

On December 31, 2012, we celebrated 2013 New Year’s Eve together at Jogja English building. All staffs, instructors, and members were invited to that event. Members here included all active members, non-active members (ex-members), and English Home members. As the main agenda was to celebrate 2013 New Year’s Eve, so the activities prepared were all done before 00:00. While waiting for the 00:00, we had a lot of fun by playing English games. The games were all related to English words, that’s why the name of the activity was “Drizzling Words Competition.”