Jogja English Course and Community memiliki kegiatan komunitas yang dilakukan sebulan sekali bernama English Performance Show (EPS). Kegiatan yang dilakukan antara lain art performance, drama competition, short movie competition, English camp, outbond, Halloween party, dll.

English Art Performances #1

On Thursday, February 3rd 2011, Jogja English held an English Performance Show in the evening. The name of the event was English Art Performance. It was started from 6.30 to 9.30 pm. It’s so crowded. There were so many members and all of instructors came to that event. That event was about art. We could perform everything in The Art Performance such as: music performance, drama, dance, poetry, etc.

English Art Performances #2

At that day, all of JE Jogja English members and instructors will gather together to do some activities, like what I and my friends had in June 2011 --English Art Performance--. In that moment, English Art Performance, all of the members had to show and perform their ability in singing and acting. And on the day we had to translate Indonesian’s song into English, and also we had to perform some of art performances such as Drama, of course in English as well

English Art Performances #3

The English Performance Show (EPS) of the month was held in September 29, 2011 in Kedai Nusantara, which is a cafe. Thursday night... I still remember that event. I was a student of Intermediate C. At that time we performed a musical drama telling a classical story about Romeo and Juliet which we mixed became the newer version story but it’s still about Romeo and Juliet. We had prepared our performance 2 days before the d-day but it totally became different when we performed it on the stage.

Exploring Ratu Boko Palace

upon a time, members and officers of Jogja English visited and played together at Ratu Boko Palace. It was on Saturday, October 30, 2010. The situation was very fun and wonderful at the time. Sun shined well and the weather was very nice. Ratu Boko Palace is one of the fascinating ancient heritages in Yogyakarta. It showcases the rich cultural and architectural traditions of Indonesia. It also displays a blend of Hindu and Buddhist architectural elements indicating the extensive spread of both religions in Indonesia.

The Unique Teletubbies Dome, Outbound and Meet The Foreigner

Teletubbies dome! We call it because the shape is half round which looks like teletubbies’s homes but the difference is that the dome’s colour is white. It is located in Sumberharjo,Prambanan, DIY. We went there on Saturday, July 23 by motorcycle, but some instructors went by car (huuu). After we arrived, the committee divided us into four groups; there were FUN, JOY, CHEER, and PEACE. Each group consisted of 6 or 7 members. Then we had to make a group yell.

When U Become an Actor, Beraksi bak seorang entertainer Hollywood

When U Become an Actor, salah satu acara aktualisasi berbahasa Inggris khas Jogja English. Para member diminta untuk memerankan tokoh pada sebuah film yang dipilih, mengisi suara para tokoh di dalam film, dan adu kreatif melanjutkan skenario film. Selain seru dan menarik, member akan banyak belajar berbahasa Inggris.

Get Closer to English, English Performance Show At Goeboex Coffee

It happened last March 2013. Jogja English family went to Goeboex Coffee together for an English Performance Show. All staffs, instructors, and members joined it. We named it ‘Get Closer to English’ so that everyone in Goeboex Coffee could get closer to English too. Each class prepared an English performance to entertain Goeboex Coffee visitors that evening on Goeboex stage. English was everywhere at Goeboex Coffee!