Jogja English Course and Community memiliki kegiatan komunitas yang dilakukan sebulan sekali bernama English Performance Show (EPS). Kegiatan yang dilakukan antara lain art performance, drama competition, short movie competition, English camp, outbond, Halloween party, dll.

When U Become an Actor, Beraksi bak seorang entertainer Hollywood

When U Become an Actor, salah satu acara aktualisasi berbahasa Inggris khas Jogja English. Para member diminta untuk memerankan tokoh pada sebuah film yang dipilih, mengisi suara para tokoh di dalam film, dan adu kreatif melanjutkan skenario film. Selain seru dan menarik, member akan banyak belajar berbahasa Inggris.

Get Closer to English, English Performance Show At Goeboex Coffee

It happened last March 2013. Jogja English family went to Goeboex Coffee together for an English Performance Show. All staffs, instructors, and members joined it. We named it ‘Get Closer to English’ so that everyone in Goeboex Coffee could get closer to English too. Each class prepared an English performance to entertain Goeboex Coffee visitors that evening on Goeboex stage. English was everywhere at Goeboex Coffee!

Drizzling Words Competition

On January 6, Jogja English held an interesting EPS which took place at the living room of Jogja English office. That competition was held in the evening. Not only members but also all of the instructors joined that event so the room was crowded at that time. We gathered happily because we could meet and know one another. The EPS was named “Drizzling Competition”.

D’VERANDAH SHOW, What is the reason you learn English?

The event was attended by approximately 40 participants and was started with an ice-breaking guided by duo MCs, Ms. Ocha and Mr. Fachri. This event then continued with a talk show with Mr. Amir. Talk show lasted a very exciting and involving all participants. For the starters of talk show, Mr. Amir asked participants to from groups. Each group was then given the same key questions, namely "What is the reason you learn English?"