Berikut merupakan sebuah artikel berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh seorang member Global Class periode Oktober 2017. Mistake is part of learning!

EPS is an event routinely held every month by Jogja English. They have various themes in EPS event. One of the themes chosen in last October was "Poetry Recital Performance". This theme was chosen because it was related to England National Poetry Day. All members and teachers are required to attend this regular event.

Based on my experience, I think EPS is an awesome event. Many interesting things we get by attending this event. I have fun. I can get to know all of the members. I can be close to each other because the committee has many games that make us work together and compact.

Well. There are some memories that are not easily forgotten. Moreover, this moment I was chosen as a member of the month. Until now I also do not believe why I was chosen. Actually I admit that in my class I am a bit naughty (often asking), but for my ability in English may be still far from good.

Anyway, thank you Jogja English! It is nice to meet and join Jogja English. 


Written by,

Puji Astuti 

(Global Class Member, October 2017 Period)