Berikut merupakan sebuah artikel berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh seorang member Auto Global Class periode Oktober 2017. Practice makes perfect!

I will have studied in Jogja English and had my graduation ceremony in December. I will go to my hometown. In my hometown, my friends and I will make an English community in our village. We will discuss about our plan and program to make an English community. We want to invite some students to learn English since they study in Elementary school. After that, students of junior high school and senior high school can join as well. They will get a basic knowledge about English, so they will not be shocked when they will be learning English in their university. It will help them when they study out of town or outside the island. My friend and I will do that because we have known how difficult to balance English’s knowledge of my friends in university.

When my friends and I were studying in senior high school, we had difficulty to improve our English because there was no English course near our village. English course was only in city. It took 2 hours to go there, so we were only studying at class. Other than that, we did not realize how important to learn English. And we relaized that after we had been studying in university.

So, we will create English community. We will share our experiences to learn English and looking for ways in order to make students interested to learn English and they will be improving their English while they study in university.


Written by

Desi Megawati

(Auto Global Class, October 2017)