Berikut merupakan sebuah artikel berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh seorang member Auto Global Class periode Oktober 2017. Practice makes perfect!

After learning in Jogja English, I hope that I will fluently speak, write and read anything related to English. And also I do not want to feel scared, uncomfortable or all kind of anxiety and insecurity that was always making me unable to speak English. I want English to be my second language that every time I want to write or speak in English I do not need to think like “apa ya bahasa Inggrisnya” or something like that.

                As an Indonesian, I realize that English has an important role. As a language which is connecting each human around the world, English is like mother of language in the world. Fortunately, I love English because I have known English since I was in kindergarten and began to like it since I was in Junior High School. It was because one of my English teachers that really made English seemed so interesting to learn and to be loved. All started when one day she brought a song of Michael Buble – “Home” and started to sing it. After that, the students translated the song and we discussed it together. From there I was starting to fall in love with English, which was before that moment I really dislike English. I considered it just as subject which is included in school materials. That day really changed everything, even though sometimes I was lazy to study English or repeat the materials. I still love this language, plus I love Hollywood movie, American singer when I was teenager.

                When I decided to love English I felt that I have to learn it. Loving something means that you have to be able do what you love. Graduated from Senior High School made me scared if I can not connect with English and the materials inside that. That is why I want to keep in touch with English all at once. I learn materials from the beginning. I am being able to master English language and also because this language is related to my major in college too. At least, when I want to be expert in another language I have to be expert in English. So I register myself in Jogja English. I put big expectation in this place. And I am very sure with my struggle. Helped by Jogja English I can make one of my goals come true.  With different technique teaching, Jogja English can help me to get what I want. I believe that.


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