Berikut merupakan sebuah esai pendek berbahasa Inggris yang ditulis oleh seorang member Auto Global Class periode Maret 2018, Givena Pingkan, tentang momen tak terlupakannya di Jogja English.

Hello readers, my name is Givena and today I want to share about the most memorable moment that I had experienced in Jogja English Course & Community (JE). But before that let me tell you my opinion about JE. It was all started when I was looking for an English Course to join and then my friend told me about JE. To be honest with you, at first I had a doubt about JE. I thought JE will be as bored as my previous English course that I ever attended, which made me didn’t get anything to be learned. For me English is fun and I want to learn it in a fun way.

After several classes I attended, they proved me wrong. I enjoyed every single class that I attend there. It was fun and I could learn about English easily. All the teachers and staffs were so nice, it makes me felt like I belong there (#eaaaa).

In JE you were recommended to use English all the time, since it was 24 hours English zone. That was the most memorable moment I had experienced. Why? Because of that I was able to speak English more and more confident about it.

Before I joined JE, I wasn’t able to express my English that much because I was afraid that everything I said was in the wrong pattern and the most important reason because I had no friend to practice my English with. Joined JE made me more confident with my English because all the teachers, staffs and friends courage me to speak English even though I made mistakes. That’s the thing that I was looking for from an English Course, so that’s why I chose that moment became my most memorable moment in JE. Thanks JE, I hope everyone will also get the same awesome experience like I had.


Givena Pingkan Nainggolan, 2018