This article is about nobody but a man known as Hasyim Kurniawan or among his colleagues, he is known as “Bebi” whom I am sure that those who ever learned in Jogja English know him.


I still remember the sparkling face bursting out from his face announcing that he passed the IELTS test as the requirement to continue his study abroad. He was happy because finally the path to reach his dream was getting closer. It was technically the wild card to enter the university since previously after being awarded the LPDP scholarship; he was accepted in the university under what so called as conditional acceptance. This IELTS affirmed that he officially became one of the students registered in the university.
After those beautiful moment, some weeks later, he sent a sacred invitation; a wedding party invitation which made him as a newlywed man when this article was written.
This article is about nobody but a man known as Hasyim Kurniawan or among his colleagues, he is known as “Bebi” whom I am sure that those who ever learned in Jogja English know him. Born in Lampung, he didn’t expect that the journey he took landed him being an English Instructor. He said that he didn’t really like English when he was in neither junior high school nor senior high school. He stated that English was not a popular subject in his hometown. Yet, destiny told the contrary.
Having a dream to enter STAN when he was in senior high school but failed due to his low English ability led him to learn English. He explicitly explained that it was quite difficult to learn English because he was a sort of mathematical person who learned by pattern and formula. Fortunately, when he came to Jogja he joined Jogja English Dormitory (later it is renamed as Jogja English). He also stayed in English Dormitory provided by Jogja English Dormitory. There, he learned English thoroughly and he said that the instructor namely Mr Ahwi told him the way he could understand English. In other words, the method applied there was suitable with his learning style. Since then he knew the 16 tenses which English has and now he remain one of the prominent English instructor whom Jogja English ever has.
After learning English in JED and giving up of being a STAN student, he applied English major through SNMPTN. Shortly after, he was accepted in UGM. Though his major was not English education, he once told me that it seemed teaching is his passion. He presumed it by asking a question right after teaching grammar in the AP+ program. “Is it a passion when I felt the excitement before and after teaching?” well perhaps he was born to teach but he just didn’t realize it.
After gaining his bachelor degree in UGM, he decided to teach in Jogja English. He specifies in grammar, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, and academic writing. He had ever been an English Home principal as well. If you have ever learnt in his class and observed his class. You may agree that he is a very systematic instructor in delivering the materials. For this reason, it’s not something surprising that for several times he was awarded as the instructor of the month.
Knowing those facts, perhaps, there will be an assumption that he is just lucky since it seems like the destiny lead him to achieve and to be what he supposes to be. Yet, in one short conversation, he said that he was a persistent and well planned man. He would not do something unless it’s been prepared well and made sure that he could manage to execute it well. In addition, he would feel anxious when he did something he hadn’t planned yet and he always thought about the consequence of what he did.
When he was asked about somebody who influenced him to be that kind of man, he stated that it was his father who always reminded and trained him to make a plan since he was a child. The question such as where will you continue your study after graduating finally rooted in his mind that he must have planned something for his future. Since then, he admitted that he became an organize person.
His habit recently made him succeeded to get LPDP scholarship. It was not only blessing but it’s more about being a hardworking person. He suggested to those who wanted to get the scholarship to prepare well and learn any possible requirements that the scholarship needed. He mentioned one scholarship which accepted him; LPDP. Getting a scholarship which thousands of people dreamt about is not an easy case. Those people have the same thought that they deserved to get one. He added that there must have been at least a strong point to the candidate. For this reason, being active in certain organizations should have not been underestimated. Instead of adding the value of the CV, being active in organizations would train the sense of leadership which LPDP was looking for since this scholarship awardees are expected to develop Indonesia.
Talking about organization, when he was the UGM student he joined some organizations including HIMA and BEM. He once even became the leader in HIMA. Not only getting experiences and friends, but he got a chance also to know his future wife who was the treasurer in the organization both took a part.
After having some experiences, writing a good essay to apply in foreign university is a must. “You could have got some experiences in work or organizations, but it would be nothing if you couldn’t compose an interesting essay which showed your quality” he said. Preparing to write an essay, the scholarship candidate must have the academic writing skills; it can be achieved by taking academic writing class so that there will be a tutor to consult with.
Furthermore, he explained about the IELTS requirement for those who are willing to apply a scholarship either in Australia or the UK. Before taking the IELTS test, he advised that the scholarship applicant must really understand the minimum score requirement because different university must have different requirement. Not only understanding the minimum average score, but it is also important to notice if there’s any minimum requirement for a specific skills such as writing score, reading score, listening score, and speaking score. He, then, took an example from Monash University, Linguistics program; the average score must be 6.5 but the minimum score is 7.
Speaking about IELTS, the humorous and gorgeous Mr Hasyim will deliver a short course held in Jogja English from 4-6 January 2017. Afterwards, he will be busy to prepare his departure to Australian in February. Now, when this article is being written, he is still teaching some private classes and an AP+ program.
This article certainly is only a little part of the man born in Lampung 25 years ago. If you happen to meet him in Jogja English, you will know further about him.


Written by Baron


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